What research topics are related to accounting, business and management?

One good thing about choosing research project topics in accounting, business and management is that they are limitless. You can extend you research topic as much as possible as long as it’s connected to any of accounting, business or management. This makes choosing a project topic a lot easier especially if you are knowledgeable about other academic field of studies that are business inclined.

As a matter of fact, your research project topic can emanate from taxation, oil and gas, communication, banking, science, administration and more in the list. So, I’m going to give a list of project topics from accounting, business administration and maybe management project topics. Mind you, it’s meant to give you guideline and inspire new project topics from you; I suppose you need it as framework for better and trendy research project topics.

Here we go;

  • The impact of monetary policy in controlling inflation in Nigeria
  • The role of accounting information management decision making
  • Budgeting and Budgetary control in business organization
  • Effectiveness of auditing and accountability in Public sector
  • Problem and Prospect of financial control tools                                                              

Over to business administration project topic ideas

  • Effect of management information system on achievement of organization objective
  • The effect of advertisement on consumer behavior
  • Performance appraisal as a managerial tool for employee performance
  • Human resource planning and employees’ performance
  • Work-life and employee commitment                                                                             

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Research project topics in accounting, business and management are very analytical in nature; meaning that choosing a project topic that is related to an issue in arts and humanities does not hinder the statistical aspect of such project.

Moreover, they follow the same research principle, structure and presentation. I will also suggest that you choose a research project that agrees with your area of interest.  No matter how much you are overwhelmed with project topics, try not to pick one that will get you choked up in the long run; be sure you understand what it takes before you choose.

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