Knowing has been an essence of human survival. Ergo, the more a human knows, the more he/she survives. – Quote i

          In an Easy Country, you don’t need to struggle to make it. In a hard country, struggling becomes an essential component of survival

–       Quote ii

Every Nation has its source of pride, shame, joy, etc.

The pride of a Nation is that which makes it look more than some lesser countries, and equal like some other developed countries.

A Country is ‘developed’, if it meets a very high percentage of human needs. ‘Under developed’, if it meets a low percentage, and is ‘developing’, if in the process of meeting the high percentage.

The Shame of a Nation is that which makes it look inferior to other developed countries, being like or lesser than other under developed countries, and unequal to other developing countries.

The Joy of a Nation is that which makes the nation proud, giving it the very essence of being like or more than other countries used to compare standards.

Nigeria is a Nation located in the western part of Africa (West Africa).

It has a population of 180 MILLION, and an area of 356,669 mi².

Rich in minerals and resources with percentages of crude oil, leather, palm oil, latex, water, and other undiscovered elements. The Nation has been notable for Oil, and Agriculture.

Despite all the natural endowment, the country has several defects.

The economic system is hopelessly poor, the political system is shattered with lies, and the governments are obviously not doing well.

Now what does it all entails?

That we (as Nigerians) can’t manage and operate with the intelligence of a Britain?  If so, then we should say that the wisdom of a Britain supersedes that of a Nigerian.

Lets go down, shall we?

Then, when the Britons were in charge, despite the fact that they ignored us of our rights, they did more to ensure to ensure the development of the country in which the present day government might find arduous.

They built roads, schools, companies, houses, churches, and even made available the basic amenities.

 In other words, they built the civilized foundation of Nigeria, and the foundation happens not just to be solid, it ensured the existence of Nigeria after Independence.

Thus, the reason why Nigeria hasn’t been included in the annals of lost cities/nations is due to the solid foundation.

Back to the present…

Everything that was then good became bad, and then worse, and now, we can’t determine the current superlative (maybe a transition to worst).

Yet, as things are, it is obvious that a level beyond worst might exist.

The Price of PMS is constantly rising (in slow manner that it seems minimal), the Price of dollar is sharply rising, the price of foodstuff,   the price of transportation, and the price of life.

Maybe, we failing to look deep, so as to rectify the issue is due to the delusion the term “rise” creates.

Nigeria is rising, and if we fall, we’ll rise again!

Apparently, this affected our financial, as we only want to rise, irrespective of what needs to be done to rise.

You’ll see people rising without climbing ladders.

 The “need for money” is a know virus acting on the bloodstream, competent to kill in seconds.

Simply put, the “need for money” is an invaginated virus that kills the Nigerian mind.


 Is it that they can’t get money the conventional way, or they don’t know how to get it?

If they can’t get it, they’ve tried and it wasn’t successful.

If they don’t know how, they don’t have the knowledge regarding it, and as such they are lame to it.

And if unsuccessful, conveys the lack of adequate understanding, as we might wonder how the adequate understanding of a thing causes a human to fail in practical issues regarding it.

Nonetheless, we can apparently see that the defective is knowledge and understanding.


  What can we do…?

Fortunately, we are in a democratic system of government, and as such the people are with the choice to decide on the manner of rule they want.

Howbeit, how we practice democracy isn’t just it.

A rule of the government, through the people, by the government, and for their pockets.

This is the situation of Nigerian democracy.

In elections, each political party picks a candidate. The candidate, being reined by the wishes of the party, undertakes rallies, campaign, etc to bring him/self to notice.

In doing so, he/she exudes irrational promises that can’t be realistically achieved. Goals and missions are formulated to gain support from the people (through the people).

At last, the elections are rigged by internal forces, causing the consigned candidate to procure a seat.

The Power of the people supersedes that of the government, and or any governing body.

The people represents the governed (with no seat in government), and apparently, they are over 100 Millions of them.

Thus, we can ask ourselves, what will be the outcome...if over 100 Million people are with a single voice, and they happen to voice it to the government.

100 people can easily be subdued, 200, 500, 1000, and other thousands, but Millions?


Ergo, we can therefore see that the solution to the ever raising problems is UNITY.

The terrible government will continue to use its opposite to their advantage.

Since there are not united, how can they subdue us?

Yet, we all know that the economy is bad, and it is from the government (where else can it possible be?), and if we sit back and watch, it’ll be a tragedy.

However, to change the tide, we simply to need to have ONE VOICE.                

The interests of Nigerians in a single voice, in which when spoken by one, spoken for others.

As things are, Nigerians can only have one voice, if they give up fear.                

Fear has been disease plumbing into their very existence.


Now, we can rationalize…

  1. If they whole of Nigeria give up fear, what would be the outcome?
  2. If nobody stood up against the government, what would be the outcome?
  3. If a single Nigerian stood up against the government, what would be the outcome?
  4. If the whole of Nigeria stood up against the government, what would be the outcome?



  1. They would have the ability to face whosoever disturbs them. In this stance, the government.
  2. They would continue their usual practice, and by doing so, the

Situation of Nigeria continues.

  1. He/she is easily subdued.
  2. The government would be subdued.






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