WHAT LEFT FOR THE GALLANT SOLDIER? MATCHING TO THE SUNSET? I SAY GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK. There we go again like the two previous election Buhari has rejected the result of the election allege rigging in 2003 and 2007 again in 2011. Though Buhari has said that he was in this race for the last time now I understand why the caged bird cry, with all the excuses about the INEC such IWU is bad now THE HORNORABLE PROFESSOR JEGA HAS GIVEN US FREE AND FARE ELECTION AND WE HAVE GOT THE RESULT. FREE ATLAST SOME OF US WILL SAY “PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN LOUD AND CLEAR. WHAT LEFT FOR THE GALLANT SODIER? Maybe it is time to go and start small business maybe more houses in Daura, Maitam sule cresent in Abuja then have faith and belief that POWER BELONG TO ALLAH HE GIVE IT TO WHO EVER HE CHOSES EVEN IF THE PERSON IS A GUY FROM DELTA REGION “ALLAUAKUBARR” MEANING (GOD IS GREAT)

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The gallant soldier should retire to a private life.  Nigerians have spoken once more that they don't need his type of person.  That settles it.


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