The future has a lot that we can’t exactly imagine for now; all we have to do is to prepare. Yeah but how? Lately, we have seen the academic curriculum graduate from response reading of A, B, C to Z and counting numbers to learning computing skills. Outside the academic sphere, every other skill acquisition is technology inclined; the smart ones are aiming to meet-up with the fleeting digital transformation while the dull ones are left out.

School teachers suspected that students may find it difficult to cope with the world outside after school and so they included computer learning into the academic syllabus. As if that wasn’t enough, undergraduates used it to facilitate research procedures to by-pass unnecessary stress. Via online platforms, they access project topics ideas and research materials for references.  Everything has been working smoothly until virtual and augmented reality came through.

At first, we all thought that the future ended with the acquisition of computer skill like Microsoft application until the internet came. From there, computer programming and code writing became the order of the day; now code writing is already saturated in the midst of many programming languages and so what’s next?

The contemporary job opportunities require good digital skills and technological expertise knowing that robots and machine are slowly replacing human labor. Ohw, I haven’t mentioned the introduction of blockchain technology which has drastically modified the global financial market. In the midst of these fast transformation, the question of the best way to prepare for the future sets in.

How do we prepare for the future?

The best way to prepare for the future is to be flexible, willing to learn new things and the ability to adapt to new changes and skills. You can bear with me that the old time businesses that refused to adapt to the digital transformation later ran out of clients even before they realized it. Try not to make the same mistake again.

Just listen, pay attention to new information, learn and adapt to prepare for the future.  

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