What is the alternative to unemployed Graduate in Nigeria

I need the young youths out there to come and witness the up coming Debate Title: Nigerian Youths want the Nigerian Government to pay unemployed graduates to be hosted by LIFE-SKILLS INITIATIVE FOR YOUTH EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT (LIFYEAD) on August 12th, 2011 which is declare at the World Youth Day Celebration all over the world at University of Nigeria, Nsukka lead by Prof. Obasi Igwe.

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I wish to invite the young youths out there become self-reliant and creative by engaging in skills acqusitions exercise and avoid waiting for white cola jobs in Nigeria.

Nweke Prince


university of Nigeria


Self employment.  For those who can, it is the best alternative to unemployment.

Self employment in my own mind still remains the best way out of youth unemployment.  Apart from you giving you the opportunity of becoming your own boss, it makes self development easy.  However, the only snag is the initial capital to start with.  But for those who can, it is the best way to go.


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