What is Physical Access Control and Which Types Do You Need?

Starting from the basics, access control is any process that effectively manages the access to a physical or logical resource of an organization.

Physical Access deals with the physical aspects of access control in which certain persons are either allowed to enter or leave a premise with the adequate permission of an administrator or supervisor. Physical Access Control curbs illegal entry which could later lead to theft ordamage to life or properties. We have several means of implementing physical access control such as;

1. Door Access Systems: This involves the use of Ciphers and Proximity cards, Keycards like ID Badges, Radio Frequency ID and Biometrics which lets you track the movement of visitors and employees either in a workplace or visitors in your home.

2. Video Surveillance Systems: This is the use of High Definition Control Cameras to monitor and deter vandalism or theft and also used to gather evidence in the case of a successful vandalism which can be used by the appropriate authorities to search and arrest such vandal. Video surveillance is no longer restricted to the monitoring room in the particular building with the cameras, nowadays videos and images can be monitored remotely over IP networks.

3. Bollards Fencing and Boom Barriers: Are installed to deter the entry of unchecked or unrecognized vehicles to an organization. Rising bollards are very common, as they are used by governments, military warehouses, airports, hotels, and companies because of its flexibility and cloaking effects which cannot be passed.

4. Security Personnel’s: The presence of a security officer cannot be underestimated, as there needs to be someone that will monitor the surveillance, also allow the access of visitors into a premise or take action such as notify authorities or take the first initiative when there seems to be a case of intrusion or theft in the premise.

5. Mantraps: You must have seen one of these around, especially in the banks, it comprises of a small space with two opposite interlocking doors. When the first door opens and the visitor enters, he/she is trapped till a pin/password is entered or a full body scan is performed and no harmful objects detected before the second door opens.

6. Bulletproof Glass: This is the use of strong, transparent material which are resistance to damage when struck by any weapon, used mostly in several financial instructions, museums and data warehouses.

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