How many income streams do you currently have aside your JOB!

Each time i ponder at the situation that is biting real hard in the economy,i tend to wonder how the take home package from our various place of work sustain our needs.A friend i worked with in the same company resigned from work just to build a career in Internet marketing industry,according to some of my colleagues they said he has caught the bug on the internet i was a little surprise as to why he did that and what all this talk about  ebiz , well i didnt bother to ask as i went about my business working with the company.

Its been 4yrs now since this happened and i have not really heard anything from him since then,but something happened that shook my sense of reasoning  to it foundation.
On this faithful day i had gone to see a distant cousin at his house in ikeja,on getting there i met his absence,his wife told he is close by,that i should wait a little for him,but i decided to put a call across to him,he answered in a hush tone saying he is receiving a lecture at an office a stone throw from his house, he directed me to meet him there.Well i went anyway and to my surprise i met my former colleague there looking so well fed and elegant, i was taken back by his affluent look ,  i couldnt help but to sit down and listen to him educate about 7 people including me in his tastefully  furnished office.
At the end of that encounter, i was a changed man , in thoughts and attitude.He awakened a giant inside of me thats has been dormant for years without me knowing it.i came to a full realization that opportunities are there for us to take, and maximize.He said something caused me to think very deep, he defined the word POOR as PASSING OVER OPPORTUNITIES REPEATEDLY .i couldnt help but to think about it seriously.
Well, today the story is different, i have now embraced the same ebiz mentality and my story has began to changed, i no longer JUMP OUT of BED (JOB) every morning to beat traffic and get to the office,i am now my own boss earning dollar every monday from a company online.If want to attain freedom from your job and attain financial freedom,then you have to get started in ebiz, there are various types out there but i will recommend the ones i have i have tried tested and earned from, these fall under Affiliate marketing,Online Real estate , Sms marketing , Network Marketing etc.In all i rooted for Online Real Estate(Profit sharing system) and Network marketing.
Click here to learn more about them:For the Real estate click here:  Real Estate Joint venture system , Click here for others @ Online Affiliate Business.cheers!!

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Nice Post......

Wao! its been 10yrs since i made a comment here !! i must confess, i have been extremly busy building my ebiz business...Looking back, i cant help but give God all the Glory for navigating my path in my choosen career as an Internet marketer, Network Marketer and Consulting in online businesses.


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