Nigeria Federal roads are in very bad shape, and yet no effort is being made to address it. Why?

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Nigeria is a country where the leaders do things on their own without regards to th ruled. If you and i could be allowed to participate in the decision making of our own country, the situation will change. They pretend to organise a media chat in order to embrace public opinion but on their desk, their decision is final.
Are you telling me that Nigeria(giant of Africa)as it is called, cannot afford enough fund to finance our road maintainance?
The administration is left in the hands of those who seek their own benefits.
They show no conceren because they travel by air. The administered suffers the ill not the administrators.

True talk my dear. A journey that will take one just thirty minutes to undertake, now takes not less two hours. What a country. And yet, we have people in Abuja that should have spoken for us. I wonder what they do discuss in their meetings.

Truly our roads both federal and state are in a state of decay.  Often times we have been told that contracts have been awarded but these contracts are awarded on paper.  Most contractors too that handle our roads are the least qualified for such contracts and you can trace the problem to corruption.  Nigerians too are very lackadaisical.  We feel unconcerned about the things around us and so our leaders continue to fool us.  Until we begin to get curious and ask questions, things will remain as they are.

I agree with u. Our people are not adequately oriented on how to demand for their rights. Even at that, the ones that we elected or nominated to speak for us in both Houses are not helping matters. And they ply the same roads to their abodes. How pathetic. 


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