What is cause of decay of Nigeria Educational System

I sat down to have a taught of this issue i discover that if urgent action is not taking it will distabilise the future our younger ones. For people are just interest in making their result no matter what it will take them, they therefore engage in Examination Malpractice, this why we have bake graduate roaming our street today

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The cause is that there is no CONFEDERATION. That is what we need for things to work well.U can ask me how.
Negligence on the part of government on one hand and on the other desperation of people to be educated to meet the trend of wanna be educated.

The causes of the decay are numerous: lack of dedication on the part of teachers arising from poor or total lack of motivation from the government, lack of attention from government.  Almost all the schools in the country are suffering from infrastructural decay, poor allocation of funds from the government, students poor attitude to learning.  Love of money and quest for wealth.  The list is endless.  The end result is that our students are poorly equiped and our graduates are half backed.  Some cannot even spell their names correctly.


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