What is business administration about? What qualifies you for a course in business administration?

What is business administration?

Business administration as an academic discipline prepares students at all levels for all aspects of overseeing a business by equipping them with supervisory skills, information and technology, leadership dynamics, business ethics as well as international relations. It cuts across an array of discipline which are either interrelated or interdependent.

In the corporate world i.e. the world of corporate business, business administration shelters corporate governance, human resource management, marketing, insurance, corporate law, finance and banking, economics, accounting, trade and some more business entities. Being in the list of job opportunities, students who intend to fit into any of those would have to study related courses and take up necessary academic tasks in respect of the course including choosing project topics in business administration and undertaking the research accordingly.

What qualifies you for a course in business administration at the undergraduate level?

Students who wish to study business administration at the undergraduate level will have to apply through the Joint Admissions and matriculation board popularly called JAMB over here in Nigeria. Doing so, the following subjects will be a precondition – English language, mathematics, government any of commerce, economics and accounting will do.

Choosing the subjects isn’t just enough as candidates are expected to score atleast a credit grade to be considered for admission. Admission to study business administration qualifies you for a degree certificate; to opt for a post-graduate programme or an MBA in business administration will require you to present a certificate of degree in business administration or any of the related courses. 

Do Nigerian universities study business administration?

Well, some Nigeria universities like the one I studied in does not consider business administration a course; it rather an academic faculty housing many courses like banking and finance, insurance, marketing, business management, accounting and economics. However some universities and institutions like polytechnics would call it business administration. Their choices varies with the scope they intend to cover.  

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