Fellow Nigerians, for long we have deceived ourselves terribly about rebuilding and repositioning this country. To be sincere, we are far from having positive thoughts about this country. When issues are already on ground, very complex problems, we go head-on to aggravate it. We've been seriously battered by that boy's terrorist act, we fooled ourselves by feeling bad and calling on the world and united states to remove our nation from that list, they were willing but they had conditions which we well knew we aren't ready to meet. Instead of we to quickly put our house together, so that we'll suddenly become saints we weren't.  Nigeria! Alas! There sickness is deep down running in their blood, its like its included in their genetic makeup, everybody kept mum, silence rented the air, things gradually went back to normalcy, at this stage you ought to know that normalcy is qutie abnormal. Then lingered the Presidential crisis, instead of we to at least hide ourselves for some time, we went ahead to deceive ouselves that we still have a President that abohorred all the laws of the land relating to rightful transfer of power to a siting Vice President and to further injure the already existing injury, we allowed the crisis to lengthen by leaving a serious gap that a sitting President or Ag. President would have used for critical issues decision-making, of course they had no option but to ridicule the hell out of us, we played very dangerous politics until the reigns of power was transffered. But an English statement once said "Call a spade a spade". I can still remember that at least there is a provision in our constitution that says once a public officer or a President is medically unfit for a specified time frame, he should be constitutionally removed. It is not impeachment. Not minding all the issues affecting us as a nation which are not semi-complex but quite complex, we still woke up to the cry of a blue murder, the Incessant Jos massacres and blood-letting, i used to believe that this country is a little bit immune from the madness going on in war-torn african countries, but how wrong i was, after watching hotel rwanda and sometimes in april i never envisaged that a repeat will happen in my own country, not even a repeat but what has been queitly going on for years until the last that broke the camel's back, JOS!  I've never dreamt of seeing myself in that state, neverrrrrrrrr. You can only take me there when i'm dead. People were brutally butchered, sliced , infact what kind of humans do we have in this country??? They traded blames, this one said he had prior knowledge and subsequently called army commanders, army commander says no one called him. At least one of these people ought to be lying, for you to say you had prior knowledge already makes you guilty of that crime if you didnt call anybody and claimed that you did,and for you to have responded to a call with utmost importance and claimed you didnt makes you complicit and guilty to the human carnage. The singular fact here is that one person is lying and utterly dishonest. The Kangaroo National Assembly we have in this country said they want to invite telecommunications giant to further facilitate the probe in knowing who lied and probably influenced the massacre. At least we deserve the right to know out of the two blame traders who influenced the attack. I hereby scream that this issue shouldn't be swept under the carpet as usual. Nigeria do something positive at least for once in your lifetime

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Pls, take time read Asemota (SAN) recent article on conflict of idealogies in Saharareporters!
Nice Post......


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