I don’t seem to get enough satisfaction from just giving you a list of undergraduate project topics in mass communication for some of the attributes you need for good Journalism practices; ‘will be fully pleased instead to add some extras from the field work. How would you like some attributes you need to soar in your Journalism?

Good listener                                                   

To make a good journalist you just have to be a good listener. A lot of people will want to speak to your hearing almost at the same time so you really don’t have to be in a hurry to speak. You want to write, you want to record, make videos and sketches yes!! Just listen.

Be Observant and detailed

To make a good journalist, you should take note of every single detail while you observe. Every move, facial expression, gestures, language and ofcourse the entire atmosphere and environment means something now or later to your news coverage and can serve as add-ons to make your news stories credible enough.


Good journalism practices require strategic storytelling; and this implies giving detailed analysis with statistics, significance of a new information to the common man on the street and the men at the apex government.

Ability to adapt

You must also be willing to adapt to any situation if you must get the information you need. This implies dressing to fit every occasion you want to cover and blending into conversations irrespective of the chances you have to make a point. You have to take the risk and play the spy; that’s the very funny aspect of Journalism.


To do well as a journalist, you must possess skills to question people’s actions, opinions, situational outcomes and all. Do not hook up with stories and accept them hook, line and sinker, always question the reason things happen the way they do; doing this will help you understand the better angle to anchor your story line from.

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