What are the symptoms of lack of oxygen to the brain ?

The Gaia’s Protocol is about the most easily accessible “medicine” in the whole world, medicine which can literally save your life. Medicine for which you won’t have to turn your wallet inside out just to get well oxygen. The premise of The Gaia’s Protocol is cantered on oxygen. We may think that we only need food and water in order to live but, in fact, we need much more to survive. We can survive without food and water for a few days but without oxygen, after a few minutes, we’re a gone case. But the underlying reason for The Gaia’s Protocol is all about diseases and medical conditions which threatened our health every moment in life. Not that I’m trying to frighten you, but danger is everywhere in the world out there. We fall sick, we get infected, we run into huge debts due to hospitalization all these are real-life worries we have to face in life. That is why The Gaia’s Protocol is so important; because the overall benefits are simply astounding. We have ailments and sicknesses which range from the common ones like acne, allergies, headaches, herpes, influenza to the more complicated and deadly ones like burns, gangrene, Parkinson’s disease, brain dysfunctions, HIV, cancer and so on. 


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