What are the characteristics of a good undergraduate project research?

Undergraduate projects research is one of the standards that tertiary education has held for long and leaves little or almost nothing to compromise. It’s defined by a number of characteristics which sets it apart from other forms of writing. Being a research, undergraduate projects follows speculations and procedures that lands undergraduates to the research findings and subsequent conclusion.

The following are on-point characteristics of undergraduate projects.

Well-structured topic

Every research must have a project topic which serves as the lead for the research. Undergraduate project topics usually contain two major variables - dependent and independent variable which conversely determine the research techniques, research methodology and procedures to be adopted for the research.

Follows a sequence  

Although other forms of writing have their own writing procedures which can be maneuvered to arrive at the end but that of undergraduate project follows strict sequence which must be followed carefully to the end of the research. From the research background to the reference, every chapter has specifications as well as subtitles that are already on ground for use by undergraduates.

Abstract is a deal

Without any approval or consent from you, its already established that undergraduate projects must have an abstract at the beginning of the project. Although it is located at the earliest page, abstract should be the last thing any undergraduate should write during his final year project writing. Being a summary, abstract contains little information about almost everything procedure that was taken throughout the research including the undergraduate project topics that was chosen and the research conclusion. This is so because one can get reasonable grasp of the vital information about the research in glance.



 The procedure for research and indeed undergraduate research makes provision for referencing other researchers and scholars but care is taken to ensure undergraduates don’t commit academic theft. To that effect, undergraduate project researches have citations of quoted books and academic research work with their names, year of publication and page number. Even after doing that, list of the referenced scholars are outlined at the last page(s) of the research work.

A constructive conclusion

Whatever has a beginning has an ending, for research the beginning is the undergraduate project topic while the end is the conclusion. The conclusion brings every other contrary factor in the research under subjection while also taking the supporting factors into consideration.  

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