What are fun and easy ways to collect research data from friends?

Gathering research data is a critical aspect of undergraduate final year projects but when it comes to getting it from friends it becomes a little difficult; not so difficult per say but few perks to make fun of. Funny friends have a way of making you feel silly when you ask something like     “ do you like dating dark guys?” The answers, if you are not careful may get you upset or even discourage you from asking further questions.

But here are fun and easy ways to collect meaningful data from your friend while doing  a research.

Inter-personal survey

You can seize any opportunity in class, at the canteen, in the hostel, hangout or even a chatty moment to bring your research questions to bear. Hear this; let them understand how important their response it to your research. So that no matter how funny they may find it, they will still yield positive responses. To make the most of it, you can record their responses or offer to write the responses yourself rather than stressing them.

Seek opinions from your social communities

Social communities that you have joined online and without understand how critical such information is to your research. Tell them to give their suggestions or view point on a question you will ask them. From their individual analysis and reasons, you will certainly know how to apply it to your research.

Mobile web survey

With the use of Google tools, you can make an online survey which you can share to your friends on Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagrame, twitter etc. via a link. A click on the link takes them straight to the survey. This is one of the easiest  ways since they will only have to click on buttons till they exhaust the queries.

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