For a long time since the President was handed the mantle of leadership as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, I have
been observing with keen interest the comments of well meaning Nigerians
who are clamoring for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to be
re-elected come 2011 presidential election. 

         It’s a known fact that we Nigerians have been suffering in the past and present from good leadership in all the levels of government
(from the presidency to kingship levels). Our system is so corrupt such
that the leaders of today don’t even care about the well being of their
children anymore, all they care about is how to steal money and more
money from the public funds forgetting that they would die one day and
leave everything for people they don’t know and care about and the later
misusing them.

         Last month was a month to remember, where our honorable former President, Gen. Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida Maradona (IBBM) declared to run
again for president under a democratic rule come 2011, after he has
wrongfully ruled and controlled this country for eight(8) bad years.
Thereafter; the present President, Dr. Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ)
declared to also run for the position of the presidency come 2011, under
the same platform of PDP. From the look of things, the pendulum is
swinging favorably in the direction of the present president, Dr
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and this shows the later has all what it takes
and would likely clinch the ticket. This is what has gingered me to
write this piece.

        When you look at the newspaper daily, you will agree with me that one or two organization or forum or whatever they call themselves
are clamoring for the president to contest and that they are in support
of him. When you come to every street in the south south part of the
country, you would see people talking about their support and allegiance
for the president (Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) and that they will vote him
in come 2011 if there would be any vote. Go to the south east and the
south west and the middle
, they are saying the same thing. If you go to the internet,
it’s even the worse, virtually every Nigerian in the internet are
booking their support for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan to
re-contest, Even the Nigerian media, the Nigerian Actors (NOLLYWOOD),
has shown their endorsement of Goodluck Jonathan. Most Nigerian Activist,
Human right Organizations, State Governors (they don’t have choice),
councilors, and even our honourable senate president and speaker of the
house of representative have also declared their support for President
Goodluck Ebele Jonathan. This shows that virtually every Nigerian is in
support of the president come 2011 presidential election.

        Attentions please ‘people of Nigeria ’; I want to tell you a story. It goes like this;


                                     The Owl who to be God  


    Once upon a starless midnight, there was an owl who sat on the branch of an Oak tree. Two ground Moles tried to slip quietly by,
unnoticed. You! Said the Owl ‘Who?’ they quavered in fear and
astonishment, for they could not believe it was possible for anyone to
see them in that thick darkness. You two! said the Owl. The Moles
hurried away and told the other creatures of the field and forest that
the Owl was the greatest and wisest of all animals because he could see
in the dark and answer any question. ‘I’ll see about that’, said a secretary bird, and he
called on the Owl one midnight when it was again very dark. ‘How many
claws am I holding up?’ said the secretary bird. ‘Two’, said the Owl,
and that was right. Can you give me another expression for ‘that is to
say’ or
‘namely?’ asked the Secretary Bird ‘To wit’, said the Owl. Why does a
lover call on his love? Asked the secretary bird. ‘To woo’, said the
Owl. The secretary bird hastened back to the other creatures and
reported that the Owl was indeed the greatest and wisest animal in the
world because he could see in the dark and he could answer any question.

    Can he see in the daytime too? Asked a red fox. ‘Yes!’ echoed a Dormouse and a French Poodle. Can he see in the daytime too? All the
other creatures laughed loudly at this silly question and they sent upon
the red Fox and his friends and drove them out of the region. Then they
sent a messenger to the Owl and asked him to be their leader. When the
Owl appeared among the animals it was high noon and the sun was shinning
brightly. He walked very slowly, which gave him an appearance of great
dignity, and he peered about him with large staring eyes, which gave him
an air of tremendous importance. ‘He’s God!’ screamed a Plymouth Rock
hen. And the others took up the cry ‘he’s God!’ so they followed him
wherever he went, and when he began to bump into things, they began to
bump into
things too. Finally he came to a concrete highway and he started up the
middle of it and all the other animals followed him. Presently a hawk,
who as acting as outrider, observed a truck coming towards them at fifty
miles an hour and he reported to the secretary bird and the secretary
bird reported to the Owl, ‘there’s danger ahead’, said the secretary
bird. ‘To wit’ said the Owl. The secretary ‘bird told him aren’t you afraid?’
he asked. Who? Said the Owl calmly, for he could not see the truck.
‘He’s God’ cried all the creatures again and they were still crying
‘he’s God!’ when the truck hit them and ran them down. Some of the
animals were merely injured, but most of them, including the Owl, were

    I think this should leave my fellow Nigerians what to think about as we are preparing for the upcoming elections.

    It’s recorded in history that leaders whom the people clamors for to lead them always do badly and also lead the people astray, but a
few are also recorded to perform above expectations. I therefore enjoin
my fellow country men and women to be careful, conscious, vigilant,
steadfast, and be prayerful in deciding our leaders and who to govern us
all in this our amiable country of ours come 2011.

    Sometimes I wonder the miracle that our president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has really done in this country for him to enjoy this massive
support from Nigerians. People say because he is a very patient and
humble man, but I think humility is the character, attitude, and spirit
of every Nigerian born a Nigerian. Even our own General IBBM and OBJ
were also a very patient and humble men. Secondly, people say because of
the policies which he has put in place and also the promises of other
things which he has made to put in place. This is what baffles me the
most. I know very well that it’s the PDP JUGUNUS who are singing these
songs for all Nigerians to believe, because I wonder the
responsibilities of a president if not to make good policies that will
move his country forward. Even the former
President, OBJ, also put in so many policies that moved the country
forward to where it is now and also made unfulfilled promises.     

     During the flagging off of President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, he made vain promises and the ones that concerns Nigerians mostly is the one which concerns electricity
supply. Was he not the same person whom jointly promised to restore
better power supply with late president Umar Musa Yarhadual?

     What I see at the end of this whole political football is that the President and his PDP company are just telling we Nigerians what to
hear rather than the coarse and ugly truth of what we feel or think are
the real issues that are affecting and limiting our progress as a

     The real issues affecting us in this country being, corruption in the high places, lack of respect for the rule of law, poverty,
hunger, insecurity of lives, bad leadership, gas flaring, low life
expectancy, environmental hazards, oil spillage in the Niger Delta,
weather change, misuse and mismanagement of public funds, judicial
manipulation, legislative arrogance to the rule of law and incompetence,
intimidation by politicians, underutilization of resources, inadequate
supply of public utilities, environmental degradation, human rights
violation as in case of Mr. Patrick Okoroafor, police brutality,
political lies, examination malpractices, unequipped tertiary
institution, etc. these are some of the real issues which are affecting
Nigerians which if any well meaning Nigerian who is
aspiring for any political office in this our beloved country should be
aiming to address. Thank you all.

    Please Nigerians, let us all support ideas rather than self interest. This was the same situation we faced when the same people said
it was Umar Musah, when he died like the Owl, what happened to all his
policies and his followers, they are dying one after the other like the
other animals in the story because they were laid under falsehood and






                                                                                                    Johnny Obakpororo (08120340376)

                                                                                                    [email protected]

                                                                                                     26 Ogedegbe St. , Warri,



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You have a point but try as much as you can to be an optimist, and believe God things will turn out for good.
Mr Johnny Obakpororo,
I am very grateful with your conscientious effort towards Nigerians. You are the ideal realist I have been seeking for, I must tell you that most Nigerians are not vigilant, steadfast and conscious of the Nigerian politicians' catastrophe. Mr John, I respect you a lot for your humor. Like they say, great minds thinks alike. I will like to introduce myself to you with all pleasure and showcase my intent objectives yearnings for Nigeria. I have took it to myself as a challenge and privileges. I can perceive the level of mire of romanticism Nigerian possessed. It is unfortunate that the conditions of aesthetic pessimism we have here in Nigeria are not realised due to the myopic catastrophe of the majority. I sincerely join you in the prayers that GOD should open the mindsets of Nigerians and gives us the ultimate sense of directions. Today, we heard the interceptions of arms and ammunition at Lagos state by the SSS. Who knows if they intercepted all. May All-mighty GOD deliver us!!!!!!!!!!!!. Among what I talked about in recent time in the forum is becoming an open avenues for president's belligerent tendencies, charades and bad lucks to the fellow NIgerians. Osain Ella can testify to this fact of my expression. We all need to engage ourselves in deep thinking rather living our lives base on feelings and intuitions. My fellow Nigerians I have my article for the nation and the aspiring presidents. A must read article, I implore all Nigerians to take part in reading. I believe you will be blessed with it and have our way forward from that. Tommorow shall be a better day for us all, I will get it posted and can be shared in every means. Here is the Link: http://idealrealistnetwork.blogspot.com. May God Bless you all as you read.


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