“Wetin them talk say I do again”, Desmond Elliot asks

Popular Nollywood Actor and lawmaker, Desmond Elliot, seems to have taken lightly, the recent trend where his name is blamed for almost anything wrong happening in Nigeria.

Desmond seems to be trending on various social media platforms. Not only has his name been trending, his image alongside these statements “na desmond Elliot cause this thing”, “If no be desmond Elliot I for don finish my assignment” has also been used to create trending memes on social media platforms.

Recall that during the #Endsars protest, Desmond Elliot raised a motion that Federal Govt should regulate social media activities in the country, this caused a stir among Nigerian youths and made him trend during the #Endsars protest in the country.

It is likely that this backlash he is receiving currently is due to his unwelcomed comments about the regulation of social media during the #Endsars protest In Nigeria.

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