Break-up can be very devastating. The way men behave or react after a break-up differs from one man to another. There are those who are emotionally mature and can handle a break-up with a lot of maturities. There are those who get into depression and never recover. Then there are those who are emotionally immature and can do the unthinkable.

Here are some of the weird things men do after a break-up.


Some men cannot handle a break-up. They cannot imagine living without their girlfriend/wife and so, according to them, ending their lives is the best option. Suicide arising from a break-up is very common among high school and college students. They are probably not emotionally mature to seek help or counseling.


Some men do not believe that they have been dumped. They still want to stick with the girl and the best way they do this is by stalking the girl. They use anonymous accounts or different accounts to secretly follow their ex on social media. They want to see what she is up to and whether she is happy after the break-up. Another reason they stalk is to know whether the girl has jumped into a new relationship.

Picking up a fight

Another weird thing that men do after a break-up is to pick up a fight with the girl’s new catch. They still feel like they are the ones who own their former girlfriends and not anyone else. If they bump into the girl with her new catch, they will throw tantrums and pick up a fight with the girl’s new catch. They want to show the new catch that they still matter. Some men pick up a fight with the girl. They become verbally and physically abusive.


For those who cannot fathom the fact that they are officially single, the only option they have is to befriend the bottle. They tend to overdrink in a bid to forget about the break-up and to erase memories of the girl. You will find them drunk 24/7. It will take them time to face the reality that their loved ones are gone and gone forever.


Some men just go into deep depression. It while they are depressed that suicidal thoughts cross their minds. They become unproductive and tend to give up in life. They fail their exams and become lone-rangers. Depression can also lead to low self-esteem and the feeling that they are not loved.

Rushing into another affair

There is also this behavior of men rushing into a new relationship just to prove to the girl that they are not desperate. You will see them posting photos of their new catch on social media with the intention of showing their former girlfriends how happy they are. In the real sense, they are not happy.

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7) Trying to return the relationship with person with who you had break up...
It's so weird...

What for? If you wasn't able to save these relationship then, then you won't be able to save it now...

buddy, you're so f*cking right!!!
boys always want to return the things they had but lost...

so, it's necessary to know how to talk to women in order to not to lose what you have

yeah, friend, it's the most vital - to be able to talk with your wife or girlfriend and with any person in general. By the way, it's not so difficult to stick some common rules, I mean to ask her open questions, be confident in yourself and to find a certain approach to each person... However, yes, I have to recognize, I didn't know it earlier, and 3 years ago I had so much unsuccessful dates... I had break ups after which I really wanted to return to my exes, but then I found an article with the information about How To Talk with Women, and after I started following that tips, my girlfriend didn't even want to break up with me...


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