Weekend jobs and engagements to boost income of undergraduate projects students

The greater percentage of Africa’s work-force yields to the 8-9, 9-5 work time table which as acceptable, has formed a reliable source of livelihood to many especially those in the public service. However for undergraduate project students i.e. those warming up for their final year project research, there will definitely be need for more financial resources to fund the research. But where such needs are not met by parents or guardians of the undergraduate project student what healthy alternatives are available for them to explore?

Part-time jobs has always been a great income source for undergraduates, but for final year students however, activities will rather be too engaging to work a side job while pursuing to get their undergraduate project topics approved or even continue with the research processes during the week days. So to beat that, this article is meant to introduce final year undergraduate projects students to weekend jobs and side engagements to boost their income while still in school.

Brand marketing representatives

Final year students while hustling to get their undergraduate project topics approved can equally work weekends as marketing representatives which in other climes could be regarded as brand ambassadors. While this term may mean differently to various people, entrepreneurs associate this  term to individuals who are passionate about building brand awareness as well as connecting and engaging customers to the business market.

You can beat this motive by asking those in charge to allow you run a free trial for them, if you give your best, you would have won for yourself a weekend job that is sure to pay.

Event planning subordinate

Event planning is such a huge task that mostly happens on weekend and a huge plus side job for undergraduates too. But to click the right button is to offer to work as an even planning associate especially if you have had an experience in decoration, organizing and planning.

In such cases, you may not really look out to be in the event proper; you may end up being busy running about to get things in place in the stead of your employer.

Sales associate

Undergraduate project students can also work as sales associate in a big shop that is probably manned by one person. You offer to help watch out for thieves, make sales, move bought items to customer’s vehicles, and also mind the shop when the owner is away.

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