Fellow Nigerians,
A lot of us have been looking for ways to increase our finances and to build wealth especially in our very challenging environment. The knowledge of wealth creation is lacking and in short demand.
On Saturday 18th February 2012, at assemblies of God church, ori-oke, Ogudu, star presidential leader Ken Stewart will be presenting a wealth creation seminar in which

He would reveal the business if the 21st century as recommended by Robert kiyosaki

6 parameters for success and common mistakes to avoid when selecting a business

And an opportunity to sign up as a distributor FREE.

In order to register for this seminar go to


And fill in the form to get a space for Saturdays seminar, and also have access to a free distributorship position and your own set of tools and website also FREE!

You have nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Success is not a matter of chances, but of choices. So what choice would you make today? Will you move out of your comfort zone or stay in bondage to mediocrity?


For enquiries email me at [email protected]

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