Somewhere at western pole of Africa, near 4 degrees north of the equator, Our bus was moving so sporadically like an epileptic fowl that everybody started to wonder weather we could get to our destination. All of a sudden, there was a break quench and the conductor shouted in a loud voice, "OGA DRIVA, DIS BOS NEVA STOP DIS BREAK MAGIC ABI NA JOK IN DE JOK" Immediately, the conductor jumped out of the bus and returned in few minutes and announced that the driver has gone to toilet in the bush, that he would be back in a moment. We waited for minutes, hours, days, who sai, the driver did not come. The place he stopped was so deadly that no one thought of coming out of the bus or thinking of entering another bus. When we asked the conductor about the whereabouts of the driver, he replied that the driver was suffering from dysentery and now it has developed to cholera. When we asked him to take over the staring, he replied that he was prohibited, that in fact, the driver was really driving from the bush. He asked us not to worry, that the bus was moving with a high speed because the driver was driving from the bush.

About more than 93 days, in one mid night, some of us had slept and few were still awake. The conductor commanded those who were awake to sleep at gun point and forced them to switch off their handsets so that the handsets would not vent out any light. In some minutes, the bus started to shake, vibrate and dance the dance of a goat  and silence returned after some while. We demanded what happened from the conductor and he commanded everybody to sing, rejoice and shout shouts of joy for the driver has returned. We asked him where he was, and he said that the diver was resting because he needed rest for too long "s*******". We acknowledged that he needed rest but we wanted to see him. The conductor frowned and shouted in a military voice that the driver was in the boot. I got angry and asked him weather the boot was the sitting position of the driver? He replied that the driver can drive from anywhere, bush, boot,forest e. t. c. PLEASE CAN SOMEBODY COME AND RESCUE US. WE ARE LOCETED 41/2 DEGREES NORTH OF THE EQUATOR. WE NEED HELP NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW

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Really ,I sympathise with you. You really need help/.

wow... i love this  DJ Khaled – How Many Times

Nice Post...


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