We're trying to console Mary, Yul Edochie’s brother, Uche, speaks


Earlier this week, Yul announced his son and second wife, for which many have berated the actor.

His elder brother, Uche spoke on the issue today.

He said: "Hello guys. So my younger brother Yul Edochie just married a second wife out of the blue and Nigerians are freaking out.

"I get it. We are all shocked. I am a low key type of guy and I have tried to mind my own business, but this circus is chasing me around too. So here is my take.

"I see two main problems here. His first wife Mary, a wonderful woman and my sister-in-law, did not go into a relationship with my brother agreeing to be part of a polygamous marriage. That’s the first problem.

"So I feel for Mary. It is not fair on her. My family are not in support.

"This is not what we do and we are trying our best to console Mary. What else can we do?

"The second issue is that Yul is not a Muslim. If he was a Muslim, no one will be talking about this.

"Muslims marry as many wives as they want and nobody says sh!t.Traditional rulers and traditionalists of sorts do the same thing too and the Nigerian constitution recognizes polygamy as a legal marital union.

"Maybe we should burn that bloody constitution."

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