If our fathers had united and fought for our independence, shedding blood, sweat and tears, Nigeria would have been much better than she is today. Their revolutionary spirit would be inherent in us. But we were given our independence on a platter of gold. After the colonists exploited us to their satisfaction while our fathers stood at the background with passive resistance, after there was not much more to export to their country, they decided to give us independence, and still made us kiss the queen's ass for three years.

   If we had a revolutionary spirit, there would be electricity in every village, town and city of Nigeria twenty-four/seven, there would be clean water everywhere and good roads and hospitals and good schools.

   If we had a revolutionary blood running through us, we would love Nigeria so much that most of us could even die for her. Phony politicians and government officials who embezzle government money would be brought to justice, disregards their status.

   If we had a revoultionary spirit, we wouldn't be fighting ourselves as what had been happening in Jos, Kaduna, and other parts of the country. The Niger-militant would concentrate their energy on the bull's eye.

   If we had a revolutinary spirit, we would truly be the GIANT of Africa, not just in terms of population, but also economy, government, society, and most of all, integrity.

   If we can come together in unity and fight against corruption, like Indonesia, and fight against a government that isn't representing the people that elected it, we would be building a strong foundation of unity for our posterity, so that they could look back in history and refer to it as a courageous step by their fathers, Nigeria would rise to great heights like China currently is with her giant population. We have the giant African population too. It's better late than never.

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