Lets pause for a while, take out all sentiments, apply wisdom based on reality on the ground in Nigeria and ask ourselves few questions,.- why is Nigeria, a country blessed with resounding human and natural resources on abyss of poverty?,. why do INEC need more than 87billion Naira to conduct an election that will end up lacking credibility when our children cannot afford a daily meal and risk their lives on streets hawking peanuts and pure water to eke out a living and our youthful graduates end up jobless?,.with all the money Nigeria makes from sells of oil, why does electricity remain a chronic problem, why are the highways death traps, why are the hospitals under equipped and our tertiary institutions under funded?,.why do National assembly use 25 percent of the budget to run itself?,.why did the PDP presidential candidate absent on presidential debate?,.why is it impossible for Nigeria with all the money unable to establish a social welfare system that caters for the elderly, the sick the unemployed and the disabled?.,why is our money shared among the few and dumped in foreign bank accounts?


The answers lies in ourselves., the future of this country can never be bright if the situations continues unchanged. if you are comfortable, i am not because i have seen children die of treatable diseases just because the parents cant afford a medical cost. Our future is in our hands,.and we must take up all necessary means and changed this recycling of routine selfish politician. we need jobs to take care of our aged parents who sold all they have to send us to school,. we need good governance, a government of the people that feels our pains and strives to make our lives better,.i have a dream that this will change if you agree with me and come with us to make our voices of oppression heard. we must come together, and protest peaceful for a change until this government and these old politicians in power and corridors of power are completely dissolved. we must draw inspirations from egypt, tunisia and follow these leads. Change must come to Nigeria, and it is us that will cry for it. No doubt they will try to suppress us but we must stand firm. Join us in the clarion call for a better Nigeria, Nigeria for everyone and for the youths. wherever you are, come out and join us. WE MUST MAKE A CHANGE.

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The Lord of the manor has spoken. So be it! I only hope that this ACN will eventually not become a one man show (if it has not already become that) as this will lead it to its inglorious end. I have nothing against Tinubu as a person but I wish the face of that party (ACN) will not be the face of a single individual, the way things are going.

As par the alliance, PDP is no easy nut to crack. A strong and sincere alliance is what is needed to defeat a party that has been in government for more than 12years. Other parties will try, individually, but it is not certain they can defeat PDP like that especially at the national level. In any case, I pray the best candidate wins.

They are now killing themselves, yea! expired and decayed people...fight on...crook tinubu is comparing black rat ribadu as the same with obama n co...wow! this is century madness...
we will also remind u and ur street boys here that u all are incompetent, no one will waste his or her vote for crooks and expired candidates...gej God bless u...

Tinubu has arrogated himself the power he doesnt have. Whatever, Alliance or no alliance, Jonathan will win the forthcoming election handsdown. He is the best candiddate

He should be commended for being accommodating and trying to carry the majority of the people along. Would you prefer the people that preach Lynch them? A man is trying to create an enabling environment for him to succeed and you see no merit in that. If he sits at home and do nothing you will still come here to write that he wants to rely on the power of incumbency to win.
Elections are just a few days away and the president has the full support of myself and a great majority of Nigerians in his rather soft approach as opposed to using intimidation.
His opponents can say all they like but they are just belly-aching that the man is trying to build a united house that can work for him. We pay no heed to such jargon. He is going to win fair and square and get set for another four years of "tolerating him" if you do not like it.

When talking of thief have you forgotting that Tinubu is self is a thief that during is tenure Mallam Nuhu Ribadu only spoke of is nonchalant deed and it was settled and the same Tinubu that Nuhu Ribadu caught during is term in office as the EFCC chairman is sponsoring Ribadu .

Look they should not decieve us Ribadu is a thief same goes to Tinubu and if i have to cast my vote for PDP is not for PDP but for jonathan because there is drastic change in the 1 years he serve as the president just that the greedy and selfish Nigeria are frustaing is effort.

Don't be surprise that Next Tenure Tinubu wife will be the next Governor of Lagos state .

So can see that it is a carbal that is ruling us and if i cast my vote for ACN i am precisely casing my vote for Tinubu and that is crazy he has brought tout in the whole of Lagos and for that reasons Educations cannot be emphasize any more .

Lets give Jonathan room to explode and see how far he can go the heat is too much for him

Truly i am not sure you read my discussion before putting down these your party alliance thoughts.., maybe you probably read it and didnt understand the simplest of english i used. I will advise you to take your party beliefs in your Jonathan somewhere else, i am honestly not interested in it or even in voting anyone be it Tinubu or your messiah Jonathan. Before you come here and call some people street boys, you have to first check yourself and what stuff you are made of. dont be a kettle calling pot black,..
We desire change.  Let us make through our votes.  But be reminded that none of the presidential aspirants is a messiah.  We can only the get the best devil out of the lot.


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