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Have you heard the news about the "Esoteric Agenda" this is the Documentary that your Government dosen't want you to see? Go to WWW.YOURWAZOBIA.COM click on ADEX Theater We have it
available for you to view.  This Documentary change my
whole thinking about Life, if you want hard facts, the plain truth,
everything your Government been hiding from you. I encorage you to go to
ADEX theater and watch the "Esoteric

Esoteric AgendaEsoteric Agenda

Esoteric Agenda is a film by Ben Stewart, lead singer of the band Hierosonic. The film makes claims of a secret agenda being carried out by a
shadowy elite and attempts to ready the public for an alleged new world
order coming December
, 2012
synchronizing with the Mayan calender.

Alleged conspirators include the Illuminati, the Free Masons and the shared lineages of major American and British politicians.

The film alleges that global warming is a myth, the Founding Fathers
were pagans,
the American
was intentionally designed by England and the Sons of Liberty,
and that Israel
was founded by an Egyptians and a Sumerian
cult. The film also implies that conspiracies are
involved in water
, Codex

“Esoteric Agenda” is the official final release from Ben Stewart of his ground breaking 2008 documentary exposing the plans of the Elite.

Complements of Reginal Green

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