Was there any credible election in the just concluded LG polls in Imo State?

Following the publication by Chidi Nkwopara as reported in "Revisiting Imo LG Polls: "

His words: “We would conduct elections when it is most auspicious and the conditions must be right. The laws will be in place, the reform processes fully institutionalized and the people, including political
parties, properly orientated to ensure the emergence of credible

In line with the synergy between the legislature and the executive, Imo State House of Assembly enacted the enabling law, while Governor Ohakim reconstituted the Imo State Independent Electoral Commission

The leadership of the reconstituted ISIEC went into business, fixed the date for the polls, commenced the sensitization of the citizenry, provided the guidelines for the polls, as well as had periodic dialogue
with party officials.

On July 29, 2010, Ohakim again addressed Imo stakeholders. This time, he urged the citizenry among other things, to “shun all the lies told by enemies of the state”, as well as disregard all the rumours they
disseminate, while remaining calm and steadfast."

What could be the problem with the government? Election was hijacked on the D-Day as no person(s) were allowed to come out let alone participate in the voting exercise.

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