What an election, i give Prof. JEGA 75%, hope to step up things next week.

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Well, i have always see something about JEGA. He can deliver but the politicians have been doing something to sabotage his efforts..thats why we are witnessing bomb explosion here nd there which never happen during election time before....Lets hope they tidy up some others areas
I pray his effort is not sabbotaged.
Amen ooooo from the the report so far, i think we are in the right direction.
Yes, we shld xpect more shockin results 2day, it is Real BROOM & ACTION REVOLUTION
Yes ooo, I pray they dont allow influx of PDP into their party after the election.
Yes has lived to his words so far, but we still need more improvement.
God dey your Back gidigba, Prof. Jega, u ve conducted a credible election, carry go Sir


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