My mind keep telling me its BUHARI but my head is so adamant and stuck to GEJ idea and my instincts tells me boy go out there and vote for Nuhu Ribadu, mehn i gatta pray over this coz i hate to vote for loosers because a vote for a looser simply means a wasted vote.

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Vote for ur conscience not minding whether the person loses or not. What matters is satisfying ur conscience. As for the presidential election, GEJ wil win with a big margin. The political maths is that Buhari, Ribadu and Shekaeru wil divide the northern votes amongst them,while GEJ gets a block vote from South-south and South-east, at worst, half a vote from South-west and North-central, and getting whatever be the leftover from the core North. With ur mind's eye,can u now see GEJ winning with a landslide victory?
with all dis your calculations som1 can simply rush to the conclusion that GEJ needs not disturb himself anymore buh its not gonna be as easy as you av just written.


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