Vitamins that your body cannot manufacture in sufficient amount

We are not certain if having too much of vitamins in your body would result to a negative effect but we are very sure that when it runs down to a very insignificant amount in your body, there could be a problem. Getting enough vitamins in your body is very necessary for proper functioning of your body system; but regretful enough, your body cannot just manufacture them biologically in sufficient amount. So you naturally depend on supplements and good nutrition for these vitamins.

Ordinarily, these vitamins are referred to as micro-nutrients; this is partly because your body requires them in small amount; but as insignificant as they may seem, lack of it can result to serious malfunctions in your entire system. Each of the vitamins play specific roles  so much that even nature do not usher in all fruit types at once; it takes seasons to suit what we need per time and season.

The following are the vitamins that your body cannot manufacture in sufficient amount.

Vitamin A       -           it is essential for proper vision. 


Vitamin B1     -           it converts energy from food  


Vitamin B2     -           it quickens the breakdown of fat and  promotes energy production

Vitamin B3     -           it produces energy from food

Vitamin B5     -           produces fatty acid

Vitamin B6     -           it inspires energy for sugar release

Vitamin B9     -           it is responsible for cell division

Vitamin B12   -           responsible for the formation of red blood cells and brain function

Vitamin C       -           inspires the production of collagen

Vitamin D       -           it responsible for proper immune function

Vitamin E        -           produces antioxidants and cares for the immune

Vitamin K       -           responsible for blood clotting


How best can you make these vitamins available in your body?

Good nutrition is always the answer to healthy living but to be specific this time, edibles like; Sea foods, fruits, vegetables, beverages, nuts, are good sources of many if not all of these vitamins.

But you may not forgive me if I didn’t let you know that you need supplements to foster the function of these food nutrients. Supplements like Ultimate omega-3 supplement and the likes are great vitamin boosters. They even work faster than food nutrients.  

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