VIDEO: Mercy Johnson speaks on using thugs to beat teacher for allegedly bullying her daughter

Mercy Johnson Okojie goes live with teachers in her daughter's school as they confirm that Mercy never fought back or brought any thugs to the school to beat headteacher.

Nollywood actress, Mercy Johnson Okojie did a live video at her daughter's school over the bully from a Teacher who hates her. HGS Media Plus report.

The actress and mother of four had revealed via her Instagram handle that her first daughter, Purity was constantly bully in school by her Teacher from the school who hate the actress.

She condemned the action of the Teacher and also reported the matter to the school authorities.

"What do you do when the teacher is actually the bully and your child the constant victim? Enough is enough, I have reported to the school authorities and I will see this to the end.", she wrote.

There was also report that the actress carried thugs to the school to fight the said Teacher for bullying her Daughter and head Teacher.

Apparently, Mercy did the live video to prove that the news was false. In the video, she asked a Teacher and Head Teacher if they ever saw her entering the school with thugs with the intention of fighting the Teacher or the head Teacher and they both said No.

A man was also asked the same question as regard the report in the video, and he said no as well.

Watch video below;

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