VIDEO: I'm finished — Married man cries out after being caught wooing 15-year-old

A Nigerian married man named ‘Jeff’, has cried out that he’s finished after he was caught chasing a 15 years old school girl in London.

It's gathered that Jeff is a Lambeth parking attendant in London who continued to be messaging a teenage girl for days.

Her father decided to wait for him after school and dealt with him properly.

In the video shared online, Jeff is heard screaming “Jesus, Jesus’ as the father of the girl slapped him.

He ran around begging for help, but the man followed him, landing more slaps on his face.

While pleading the angry father, Jeff is heard screaming ‘I didn’t know, I swear to God. I am finished’ as he ran behind an old woman and her dog.

The angry father of the girl screamed at him, ‘You are done’. As Jeff screams ‘I’m only human”.

The security then arrives, and Jeff tries to run away as he begs them not to call the police.

Watch video below;

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