Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher Maintenance and Safety

VSI series of Vertical Shaft Impact Crusher (or Sand Making Machine) is a highly efficient crushing machine which introduces ‘stone to stone” crushing principle from American Bamac company. Combining domestic sand making actual condition, this crusher is designed as a highly efficient crushing machine of domestic and international standard. This crusher is widely used to crush various rocks, grinding materials, refractory, clinker, quartz, iron ore, concrete aggregate, etc. VSI series of crusher is most suitable to make construction sand.

As to the Maintenance , the following points should be pay attention to:

Ⅰ Check up the wear and tear condition of inner machine timely; repair or replace the end wearing module, impact block, separating cone, upper and lower wear plates. Ⅱ The bearing is suitable for 3# lithium lubricating grease. The grease is 10-20 gram every time, once one day. The bearing must be clean up after the machine worked for 2,000 hours.

About safety:

Ⅰ Don’t open the inspection door to look into going when the machine is operating.

Ⅱ The workers should be apart from the machine when the machine is operating. If the repair is necessary, the workers must stop the machine.

Ⅲ If the machine doesn`t start or flameout,please cut off the power source. Contact your engineers or us.

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