[Uzomedia] Best biography blog/website in Africa and Nigeria

Biography is a total life of people and their lifestyle.


Their are many biographies blogs and website(s) in the internet today. Uzomedia makes it easy for everyone to write and submit their favorite celebrities biographies. This biographies sometimes include the person's age, profile, history and net worth if important.


The person must not be fully notable before including his or her biography on Uzomedia website. Uzomedia accepts biographies of upcoming musicians, actors, comedians, bloggers, models, TV/radio presenters, journalist, footballers, YouTubers, music/movie producers, movie/music directors and more. The conditions for this category of people implies that "they must be notable for a single profession or more". That sound cool, right?


If you think that you are in any of the above category, then you are good to go!

Steps on how to submit/post your biography or a celebrity biography on Uzomedia


* Visite UZOMEDIA website; http://uzomediangr.com.

* Click on submit your biography link, which always show at the site header.

* Fill the form and submit

NOTE that your biography may take upto 24 hours before appearing on the website.

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