How to check your JAMB profile code on Phone
Text RESEND to 55019 using the mobile phone number you used for registering your profile.
After that, wait a few minutes and you’ll receive an SMS from 55019 containing your 10 character profile code.
As we’ve stated above, you must send the message using the mobile phone number you registered with, otherwise you won’t receive any message. Also, you need to have up to 100 naira thereabouts. Reason is, you’ll have to pay a service charge. This charge varies with network providers.

However, there are cases where the network delays in sending you the message. If you’re sure it is on the same phone number you registered with, then have no fear; just wait a few hours and try again.

In the event that you’ve misplaced the phone number you used during registration, then you have to do a welcome back. You can do that by visiting the office of your mobile network operator.

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