Uses and Exploitation of Facial Recognition Software

Quite a number of things in this world are imperfect, so they come with their advantages and disadvantages. Facial recognition technology promises easier identification of individuals and prevention of crime but is also susceptible to positive and negative usage. A lot of the negative opinions about it is derived from countries like China that use it to monitor their citizens all the time, as it has been ingrained into their society, and at this point, the citizens no longer give much thought to it since they have to interact with the facial recognition software almost everywhere they go. A noteworthy difference between the use and misuse of this software is its use without the permission of those that are been tracked and its use with permission to validate identities and expedite access.

In this article, we will take a look at the uses and abuses of facial recognition software in different ways.

Why facial recognition software is used:

  1. Law enforcement and intelligence agencies: These agencies make use of facial recognition software to identify fleeing criminals quickly and to prevent further attacks.
  2. Creating a safe workplace: ID validation together with facial recognition enables faster access to organizations, ensuring that only those that are allowed access are granted access. This creates a safer working environment for all employees.
  3. Convenience: Facial recognition technology is non-intrusive and is quite convenient to use.

How facial recognition software is misused:

  1. Lack of privacy: Facial recognition could be used without the permission of people to know what they are doing and where they are at any point in time. In cases like these, it could contribute to privacy erosion, and is prone to misuse.
  2. Misidentification: This is a huge problem especially when people are misidentified as criminals when they are actually not, and this problem is compounded when the higher failure rate is associated with minorities. Some believe that it is too dangerous to be used in law enforcement due to an analysis that showed high disparities in error rates especially between lighter-skinned men and darker-skinned women.

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