The statement accredited to the above subject matters has been a source of concern to me. That, in this 21st century Nigeria is still actively involved in neo- colonialist activities and is exposing his mediocrity nature to the world.

One thing I want our leaders to note is that, this Americans are not extra- ordinarily created by God, what made them different from us, is that patriotic zeal in them to always do the right thing at the right time. Therefore to me this lecture is an absolute waste of our scares resources, as I think it is easy to hear than to do. Vary soon Nigeria would called on CIA to come and investigate our past leaders as EFCC AND ICPC are toothless bulldog that can only bake but can not bite.   

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Quite unfortunate that at 50 years of our nationhood, we are yet to get it right.  I agree with you that it is an absolute waste of resources because the problem is not in talking, but in doing.  To get it right, our leaders at various capacities must have a resolve to shun corruption and work for the interest of the masses that voted them in.  Except this is done, we can go ahead and assembly all the past governors of  America, Britain, France and Germany  before and after our independence and yet nothing will come out of it.


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