US election: President Trump will rise again - Dr Stella Immanuel prophesises

Controversial Nigerian-trained Cameroonian doctor and prophetess, Stella Emmanuel, has prophesied that President Donald Trump would rise again.

Dr. Stella said although President Trump is badly beaten for now in the United States (US)'s election, he will rise to his feet again.

The prophetess said that she is sure of this because of a dream in which God revealed to her five months ago. She shared a video of the prophecy on her verified Twitter handle.

The Cameroonian medical practitioner who had lent her support for the Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) as a COVID-19 drug, maintained that the revelation she saw in her dream back then is exactly what is happening right now in America.

Dr Stella Immanuel said President Trump will rise again.

Her words: “I’m a prophet of God and the Lord told me in June when all this chaos was happening. I said that Lord, are we done? Is it about to be over?

“And at that time I had a dream, I saw the President, he was beaten, he was beaten up so bad, he was laid down and we thought the president was dead.

“We rushed over there and we started praying and praying. He got up, he stood tall, and got back to work…what I saw is exactly what’s happening right now. God has not changed his mind…we gonna continue to pray.”

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No, your prediction is wrong and Trump has loss. Joe Biden has won this election, and he has become 46th president of USA, and now he will run the new government from January 2021.  Assignment writing services


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