US Army Recruitment for Foreigners July 2019 Open Now | How to apply

[b]US Army Recruitment for Foreigners July 2019 Open Now | How to apply[/b]

Have you ever had a dream of working in the United States, more so being a military army officer? Here comes your golden opportunity. The 2019 US military Academy online application form is out.

The U.S. Army is offering up to $40,000 in bonuses for new recruits who enlist by the end of September.
Bonuses vary depending on the individual’s job selection, qualifications, length of enlistment, and basic training ship date.
Current incentives include up to $40,000 for selecting infantry, up to $16,000 for near-term ship dates, up to $25,000 for critical skills, $10,000 for Airborne or Ranger options, up to $40k for certain civilian acquired skills. The maximum allowable total bonus per individual is $40,000.
The Army is nearing the end of the recruiting year and has a variety of occupations currently available for individuals prepared to ship to basic training by September 30 , to include: infantryman, Special Forces candidate, cannon crewmember, joint fire support specialist, fire control specialist, multiple launch rocket system crewmember, field artillery firefinder radar operator, patriot fire control enhanced operator/maintainer, patriot launching station enhanced operator/maintainer, cavalry scout, M1 armor crewman, signal support systems specialist.
The U.S. Army also offers up to $65,000 in student loan reimbursement for certain occupations.
To become a Soldier, individuals must meet all cognitive, physical and moral requirements.

If you are Interested for 2019 application go ahead and apply to join the world’s best military Academy

[b]Requirements for Foreigners Who would wish to apply for us Army[/b]
Candidates applying for the 2019 US Army Recruitment For Foreigners must:
Not be married.
Not be pregnant.
Be at least 17
Not be legally responsible for support of any children.

[b]How to Apply[/b]

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