Why Most Business Owners Prefer Bulk Email Portal.

Email is a great way to communicate with our stakeholders but too many charities are sending emails from their PC software or Webmail such as outlook and hotmail. These emails lack design, personalisation and are liable to get blocked as spam as well as potentially breaching the Data Protection Act. This article explains the tools we need to send good emails to our supporters and details the things we should look for in an ASP Email Broadcast system.

Many charities are using standard office based emails such as Outlook and Lotus, or Internet based emails such as Hotmail and Gmail, to send their organisational emails. These tools were not designed for sending bulk mailings and the result is poor email delivery, poor presentation, being blocked as spam and potentially breach of the Data Protection Act (DPA).

Now The Best practice
Best practice for sending bulk emails requires a set of capabilities:

Bulk Email Portal Website:

We are creatures of habit. Having a Bulk email Portal for your email adds familiarity and increases response to your content. Just like a web page it is best practice to make the layout of each email the same, and this is done at low cost.

You need to represent your organisation professionally, with your logo and brand. You want the layout of the email to work for you in getting your message across.

Personalization: Addressing the message to Dear *Firstname* has the same effect on emails as it does in print, it engages the user and makes them feel that you are writing to them not just a faceless ‘supporter’

Now how to get your own email portal
Setting up your own portal has not been this simple. What just N20000 you too can enjoying your own email portal right away

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