notwithstanding, some universities in Nigeria are becoming too demanding in the area of admission policy and grading system.

Its high-time Money and Face considerations admission policies in some of universities in Nigeria  should be critically evaluated.

scaring students away with said school policy and frustrating the mind of determined future scholars, exchanging the position of the privileged to the less privilege as  a result of priggishness, selfishness and demand of others pointlessly precise conformity and fussiness about trivialities can never increase the level of Nigerian scholars rather it will simultaneously decrease.

well, I, have good news for those who mayth have be victimized of admission policy in Nigerian universities.

There are some standard universities outside there, where you can take up your studies in moderate cost and lesser duration.

I am an ordained priest from Nigeria, Presently taking up my masters degree program in Philippines and as well doing God's work.

I discover to study here in Philippines are more affordable  and faster than our Nigerian system of study.

Therefore, those of you who are willing to study in any universities here in Philippines, may contact me for  assistance.

+639498593144 or email [email protected]


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