Unique ways research projects can sharpen student’s intellectual lives

Aside being a pre requisite for student’s graduation, undergraduate research projects serve other unique purposes both to the society and students alike. One of those is how much it shapes and sharpens students intellectual life even after graduation. We will be discussing how effective this claim is, as we progress in this  article.

Public speaking

I wish public speaking is as simple as it sounds. But no, it subjects you to psychological panic and puts your fast thinking ability on the go to test. Whether impromptu or rehearsed, addressing a public alone could be challenging almost every next time. You see, that point of defending research project topics and materials before professors and lecturers is breath-taking. Students learn to build stage confidence, stage management, time management and ability to communicate effectively to a public audience.

Prepares students for real life problems

Choosing research project topics, students are fore-warned to take up real life problems and research on them. Although the population of students researches are often too small to make a healthy generalization, they are evidences to prove the possibility of finding solutions to many societal issues.

Sharpen their research skills

Research is systemic and unique. However on a basic note, undergraduate research prepares students in diverse practices like data gathering, sorting, data analysis and data interpretation.

Research documentation          

Research documentation can be very religious in nature. In many institutions,  there are required guidelines and procedures for documenting research. That tells why supervisors are attached to students to ensure such procedures are followed. Same way, students are prepared for the game even after school.

Ability to identity life issues

Choosing a project topic alone is skillful. It takes creativity and understanding to identify societal issues as well as bring it to bare in a research. Same way, interested students also become real life trouble-shooters in diverse areas of human endeavours.

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