fellow nigerians i want to use this forum to controbute to the way foward for the problem of unemployment, i want the fedral gorvnment to create a program were nigerians will be ask to tell the government what they can do for nigeria that they want government to support them.so government will creat jobs frm what u can do for nigeria not what nigeria will do for u.there is bunch of talent that is been neglected in our good country nigeria.

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There is employment in Nigeria but it is being restricted to some number of ppl,if you have ppl there u can get it but if u dont have any one there 4get it,what we need is equality kind of Nigeria,do u agree with me?.
We as Nigerians love to talk,hope upon hopelessness.No wonder FELA said"IF POLICEMAN WIP YOUR YANSH YOU NO GO TALK,ARMY SLAP YOUR FACE YOU GO DE LOOK LIKE DONKEY..." Nigeria is way back behind time,because of us Nigerians.Others are born into it.lt is a chain reaction of a corrupt person put a more corrupt person on the seat of leadership,who is to correct who?You can only give what you have.What do you give to a country that has given you nothing?From the day we were conceived,we started giving to Nigeria through payment of light bills,hospital bills,tax,school fees and all sort of bills,but when we are ready to get work with meagre pay and start from where we are suppose to start giving again through bills to the same leaders,do we get the jobs? MILLITANCY and BOKO HARAM are the only groups ready to give work,and watch out more will still come to add to our sorrows.NIGERIA WE HAIL THEE...


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