It is the people's own fault that they are unemployed. Too many Nigerians are untrustworthy and that is why they and their children have no jobs. Let me explain. There are many Nigerians living abroad who are able and happy to start a small business in their home town or village. But when they start the business then go back abroad, the WORKERS themselves begin to steal the money or produce until now the business goes bust, and stops existing. No business equals no job equals unemployment. 

When other Nigerians abroad find out what happened and how stealing destroyed everything, they also will not invest in their own town if they are not living there for fear that any business they do start will be run to the ground, and they will lose the money they invested. This constant stealing and cheating is why Nigeria has a high unemployment rate and why no-one can trust a Nigerian to manage something well if not supervised and constantly scrutinised. The people of Nigeria are dishonest (and foolish).

If instead, the small business in the home town was managed well, it would grow. More people would then be employed. Then other Nigerians living abroad would be encouraged to start their own businesses and even more people would be employed..... It is not just our leaders who are corrupt. The average Nigerian is himself/herself corrupt. When as a people we stop lying, cheating and stealing, but become honest and begin to value truth and integrity, then we shall prosper. All Nigerians believe in GOD. So just start living honestly before Him! It is as simple as that.

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Okwu gi kwu oto!

The only way to overcome unemployment in Nigeria is by citizens starting their own businesses. No matter how small they start, the business will eventually grow and start catering for their needs and that of their family.


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