pls friend am seriously in need of any good job, need every 1 assitant pls

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joblessness is a disease dat need 2 be cured
I understand how u feel. It is not easy. Don't get so much worried. Try the best u can and pray. Always state briefly ur profession,time of Gradtn &NYSC, and other info. when posting in a forum like this. I like ur spirit and courage that made u speak up!
Uche, I understand your feelings.  It is not easy to stay without having a sustainable means of livelihood.  Jobs are not very easy to come by but though God's favour and mercy you will get one.  You may do well to post your C.V. to me at [email protected]



Naija has no hope for the young youths but that is not my word for you, you are going to see a very good job, but you can still try your hands on some female designs, i mean selling stuffs to your banker friends they will pay you and you make cool money before the months runs out you still be like a worker...its cool don't be shy...

Thanks all 4 ur advice nd encouragement
It is common disease,May God put us through & provide us a better job.


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