The rate of unemployement is becoming a course to worry about.Can u imagine a grown-up guy was kicked out of home by his parents because he as not been contributing his quarter to the growth of the family.Looking at it from a broad perspective,he is faced with two different options which are one,to keep searching for a job and not only searching for a job but to find a good job so that he can discharge his duties freely.Secondly,he is faced with a faith of doing it the other way round dat is going against the law.If luck not being on is side and he gets caught trying to go against the law,he faces and uncertain future which might joepardize is dreams and goals.What am i saying in essence is that,the government should create more job opporturnites for the youth to help them stay away from crimes and we the youth should try in our own way to be creative and hardworking so as to build the Nigeria of our dreams.

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The issue of job in this country should be a collective effort and not be left to government alone, i meet a china man who told me that Nigeria is a country where dollars are flying the street , yet Nigerians can not see , the only thing i implore the government to do is create an enabling environment for citizen to get self employed. look around us today how many venture into farming just few. let the government provide for a mechanizes farming and make it attractive  so that  our youth can go into farming , i think steps like this is the only way out of unemployment.
Government can never employ everyone.  In fact no government in the world has been able to do that.  The parents of the young man went to extreme by thowing our their own child.  They should have tried to undserstand and bear with him.  Nevertheless, we should note that white collar job is not the be it and end it all.  One can still do someother things to survice other than a white collar job.


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