Understanding HIV from the view point of a long time survivor

Hello my HIV Positive friends and all my other friends

I had a chance to read an article by Bradford McIntyre and found it very interesting. This is something I have been saying through my living since being diagnosed in 1986. Watching my wife, Velda, succumb to the toxicity of the AZT and DDI, I decided that I would rather trust God than this current capitalistic medical society. I have trusted God all my life and for over 24 years with my HIV infection. Because of this faith in God, my CD4 count has not dropped from the original count in 1986.

Therefore, I believe this is the reason we do not hear more about people that do not develop AIDS despite not using medication. It is not fiduciary responsible to give the billions of the present and future consumers of their product hope that they do not need the toxic medications. If they had that hope, millions would not buy and consume, therefore the drug companies would lose revenue. If they had that hope, millions would stop depending on doctors and the multitude of other so called health care experts who in reality is just practicing or playing God. They will start looking to God who is the only expert about our bodies. Most doctors don't have the foggiest ideal what they are doing. That is why they call it a practice. They are just practicing and guessing. If you do not believe me, ask your doctor when he hands you your next prescription, if they know for sure it will work. Listen carefully because he will say we are pretty sure it will, or there is a good chance it will. That is just a politicians way of saying I do not know because they do not know.

I do not trust doctors, the medical profession, American politicians, or organized religion (the latter two is another sermon) because I realize that we live in a capitalist society. In our society, doctors have become like shade tree mechanics. Shade tree mechanics will get you in their shops and swear that they know how to fix your problem. They will replace the busted hose, but then when you're not looking, they'll slightly nick the fan belt so you will have to return. The medical professions are the same. They maintain your illness to keep you coming back. On the rare chance what they prescribes fixes you completely, the drug company makes sure you will have to return because of the side effect they purposely designed in the pill. Honey, the whole system is rigged because you will have to go back to the doctor for the cure to the side effect.

The sad truth is the drug companies are getting rich from the willingness of America to take these poison with blind faith. We know they are poisons because of the side effects listed. Reality and logic says that the side effect of something good will be good, which agrees with the bible, that which you sow that you shall also reap, and nature, if you plant corn you do not get an atomic bomb. When we sow the natural foods and remedies into our bodies that have been provided by our creator. The only thing that happens is good. We get energy, calories, strength, and other benefits. However, look at the results of the vast amount of medications we sow into our systems. For a list of the bad, all we need to do is look at the long list of side effect shown after every commercial, some even listing death. Or, we could just wait for a year or two for the bad drug lawsuit for our chosen medication to come on television. Still, we take these expensive poisons voluntarily into our systems, hoping for the best to come from the worst.

The example I like to use to refer to the common situation of over-medicated America is the biblical illustration of the woman with the issue of blood. We know the story about how she spent all she had on the doctors of her day only to be left broke, diseased, and crawling through the streets still searching for help. Today, many of us with issues of blood (HIV) are in the same predicament. We spent all that we had, only to be turned away and denied because we do not have anymore to offer to their coffers. We are left sick or often sicker than they originally found us because of the toxicity of the promise cure. We often find ourselves literally and sometimes physically crawling through the streets of our medical community looking and hoping for someone to cure us. The only response we receive is a proclamation from the medical community saying additional illness resulting form the side effect from the pills was caused by the disease.

One time I had problems with my car transmission and took it to a certified dealership to fix. The mechanic did everything right to fix the problem by replacing the transmission, however, one of the helper filled it with the wrong fluid. Miles later, my car had to be towed back to the dealership. They replaced the transmission again and refilled it with the right transmission fluid. However, they did not charge me for a return visit because the additional problem with my car (the side effect of putting in the wrong transmission fluid) was caused by their solution, so it was their fault. Sadly, that is not how the medical profession works. The doctor will charge the patient again when and if the patient has to return because the pill given for a headache caused an ulcer or the HAART cocktail made the liver and kidneys fail. That is why I do not trust this capitalist medical society in America, for them it is all about the money.

You can read the article by Bradford McIntyre on Positively Positive website by following this link:
http://www.positivelypositive.ca/articles/aids.html .

As always, may God bless each of us,

Pastor Reginald Levi Walker

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