Undergraduate Projects: Why Most Students End Up hiring a writer

Project writing is one of the most critical parts and parcel of every final year students. Final year project is very important to every graduating student in Nigeria. One of the most recognized importance of research projects to student is it contribution to their CGPA. I know of some department that gives up to 5 points to research project work. This is the reason why all students are expected to come out with good grades after project defense. There are lots of students that depend on their final year project defense to boost their CGPA at least to some extent. The nature of the Nigeria economy today, you will see lots of students working and schooling at the same time and this might affect the outcome of the final year projects. I will advice students who are very busy to hire a professional writer/data analyst that can cover the gaps for them. So I ask this question: Why there is need to hire a writer?

Busy schedule:                                                                 

My number one reason why I will recommend hire a writer services to students is because of their busy schedule. Most student handle a whole lots of responsibilities in their respective homes; they will end up having little or no time to write their project perfectly even why they know how to write it; combining domestic chores and academic works especially for those students that having little or no helping hands to help them do some domestic chores.  

Not all students have knowledge on various statistical tools:

Another reason why I will still ask student to consider hiring a writer is because most of the students have little or no knowledge on how to use various statistical tools for data analysis. Some lecturers will demand their project student use a statistical tool(s) that they are not conversant. The SPSS, E-VIEW, MINITAB, R, LISREAL PYTHON are all statistical tools but most student do not have the opportunity of time to learn how to use these tools. Some of these students know about how to use these tools but don’t know the best statistical tool for a particular research hypothesis. The SPSS is the most common among all the listed statistical tools above and most students know how to use the SPSS but don’t know how to use the other; what then happens if the supervisor demands you use the other? It will now become a problem for both the student and the supervisor.

Some students are working and schooling at the same time:

This is another group of people that are having issue with their research work. Working and schooling at the same time is really not an easy task. I most praise those students that are able to combine the two. Almost all projects usually have case study. If for instance you are working and at the same you are handling your research work with a case study in a state that is very far from your place of residence, this becomes a problem because your place of work might not allow you to travel to the case study to make findings for your research work.

Other factors:

Here other factors could be little or no knowledge on how to go about project writing. There are some universities in Nigeria to teach students on how to write their projects while some do not. Now you see students that fall under those categories of lack of project coach will have this problem.


In conclusion, hiring a writer does not basically mean that s student have little or no knowledge on project writing but it is due to the situation beyond their control just as I have listed above. Hiring a writer will also contribute to the knowledge on the most recent format of project writing because most of these people rendering hire a writer services are professionals with lots of experiences in various fields.




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