Undergraduate project topics ideas for human resource management

The orientation about the new and convenient ways of sourcing human resources has marked the labor pool with resilient impact globally. This global shift in human resource management, input and output has demanded from researchers, undergraduates inclusive, the need to decipher facts from fiction and bring to the table which works better between the classical human resource management methods and the contemporary approach.

In this regard, free undergraduate project topics ideas on human resource management are provided below for undergraduate researchers who have the least clue about the trends in human resource management or even what is really there to research about. We also intend to provide intelligent sockets to lend your research stream by proving samples of human resource undergraduate project topics for insightful understanding.


So what issues does the contemporary human resource management address

Flexibility is the new order

The contemporary human resource management which basically houses the procedures for employment is fast becoming more flexible and virtual than it was. Employees do not necessarily need to be under the same roof, and in the same office space with their Boss to perform their collaborative and official duties. There’s now a shift in work place form office to where ever is convenient; work time to whenever is convenient within the 24/7 time of the week so long as you are able to meet-up targets.

That was on a lighter note; employees are even made to spend more time on personal development, insightful tours, leaves and other activities that will support their subsequent productivity at work.


The team and ball analogy

If employees are the team, then customers are the ball; customers are the center of the decision while the employees are the power force. The management may be somewhere up there taking the decision and when negligence, poor attention and strict decision making process is the order of the day, the team players will subsequently become resentful to keep the ball rolling

But the contemporary human resource management approach has made official duties a collaborative and cooperative effort which directly assigns everyone a sense of responsibility for the productivity and pitfall of the organization irrespective of where you are reporting from while also maintaining hierarchy.

Academic qualification scarcely counts

The new human resource management orientation barely acknowledges your academic papers as a standing qualification to be employable. They now test your team spirit, resilience, customer relation capabilities etc.

What project topic ideas come to mind?

  • Issues concerning job qualifications and attitudes to work

  • Impact of flexibility

  • Collaboration and corporation

  • Freelancing

Sample undergraduate project topics in human resource management includes:

  • The effect of corporate governance on the performance of an organization

  • Role of emotional intelligence and work-life balance on job stress

  • Personality and its effect on group performance

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Final year project topics and research materials could be a hard nut to crack particularly when you have zero understanding on where to begin. Research project supervisors (nowadays) are ordinarily after their pockets and most occasions give almost no incentive to students. All things considered, you can supercharge your research procedure by getting project topics & materials by past undergraduate understudies and use them as a benchmark to make yours.

You don't really have to depend on anyone for research. It's called a research for a reason and you have to get familiar with going down the rabbit h***.

Hope this helps an undergraduate student who is looking for project topics and inspirations.


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