Undergraduate Project Is Not Difficult: Explore New Ideas

Undergraduate project writing is an academic exercise every undergraduate student must encounter in their years of study in the university. Most universities tend to brief their students on this exercise which they must carry out in their final year as well as give them a clue of what they are expected to do. This is to get them ready mentally, financially, psychologically, and otherwise. Therefore, the process of project writing will require them to make intensive research and come up with a well formulated and articulated project topics and then sort ways to source out materials for their research work.

Undergraduate project writing is an academic exercise usually done at the last lap of a four or five years academic journey depending on the course of study. It is an academic undertaking where a student’s leaves a statement as a part which shows that he/she traversed over a period of time.

Conducting research can be a powerful experience for students. It comes with lots of benefits to both students and the entire education system. It helps to increase research awareness and enthusiasm in undergraduate students; it also improves professional presentation and self evaluation skills as well as promotion of active learning and collaboration with fellow students, supervisors, and professors of the school. The research carried out by undergraduate students makes an original intellectual or creative contribution to their various disciplines.

However, irrespective of the interesting and beneficial part of research comes with it some challenges and one of those challenges are sourcing out materials for research work. Some students get frustrated along the way in project writing because they find it challenging and almost impossible to get materials for their research work especially project topics that are complex or lacks written journals and as a result see project writing as a difficult academic exercise. That is why it is advisable for undergraduate students to choose project topics that are on happenings in the society and events they are familiar and conversant with. That way sourcing for materials won’t be difficult. Undergraduate students can choose to make their project writing difficult or interesting and this is achievable when they understand all that there is in undergraduate project writing as well as choices they make that makes project writing seem difficult and frustrating.


Undergraduate project is a research work done by undergraduate students to solve an identified problem and make appropriate recommendations. It is also an academic exercise undertaken by students towards the completion of academic pursuit of a first degree as stated in first degree curriculum. It is also a task undertaken by student(s) within a given period of time in a given subject area aimed at making the student have independent capacity for inquiries and to supplement and as well complement formal teaching in his area of study. This enables the student hone-in the theoretical course work in the university. There is no doubt that the exercise will reveal to the lecturer who is assigned to supervise the student, the student’s area of strength and weaknesses. When these weaknesses are corrected during lecturer -student interaction, the student comes out to be the pride of the university which is his/her alma mater.

Undergraduate research projects can be designed to fit a variety of class constructs and to promote student learning at all levels of undergraduate education. Undergraduate research projects can be student or faculty initiated, and students can either participate in a work in progress or enter a project at its start.


As discussed above on some decisions and choices undergraduate students make as regard their project that makes it look difficult. Below are reasons why undergraduate students see undergraduate project writing as been difficult.


Having little or no knowledge at all about project writing is one of the reasons why undergraduate students see project writing as a difficult academic fulfillment and exercise. Just as the saying goes if you are not informed you are deformed. You must understand and have a firsthand knowledge of what you are about to write. That is why an early enquiry and study of what project writing is all about is important. You can either ask your predecessors or even  go through already written undergraduate projects to have an insight into what you are about to do. An understanding and knowledge of project writing even before you start or get to that stage is important as it will save you from lots of difficulties others who do not have knowledge of undergraduate project go through which may lead them to frustration because of the difficulties that accompanies not having any information no matter how little about undergraduate project.


Another reason why undergraduate students view project writing as a difficult exercise; is because of the supervisors their predecessors had while writing undergraduate project. Truth be told some project supervisors can frustrate students and stress the life out of them. In as much as they want the best form the students and to ensure the students come out the best or with an excellent project, it is also important not to make students feel like their efforts aren’t appreciated or they are not making any effort at all. Having such supervisors that will not render assistance to the students and at the same time making him/her feel he/she is not making any effort at all or trying will definitely send the wrong signal to other students that undergraduate project writing is difficult and frustrating. But when students both past and present have good, kind, and supportive supervisors, the notion of project writing been difficult will be no more as students will find it interesting academic exercise rather than a difficult academic exercise


Undergraduate project writing can be cost implicating. For undergraduate students that come from poor homes whose parents struggle to pay their fees in school, they may not find it easy with meeting all that their research requires especially for those that their research will require them to travel to get some materials that are not free. For such students there is every tendency that they will see project writing as been difficult because they lack the economic power. However, that is why it is advisable to choose project topics that will not require much of financial commitment from you.


Case study is also one of the reasons why project writing is cost implicating. When you choose case a study that is far from your where you reside or even outside the state where you stay, it will require that you travel and in some cases will have to spend few days there depending on what you want to get. When you case study location is far or even in remote area, it gives you a difficult experience and of course the notion that project writing is difficult. But in this case it is because of the choice of your case study.


Below are new ideas is what you can do to simplify your undergraduate project writing


Choosing project topics that have just two variables is an idea you can have while forming your undergraduate project topics. Project writing will lot easier when the variables in your project topic are few it will save time researching on them than when the variables are many. It will also save you money and make your project work faster and easier. So when formulating project topic, make sure the variable ion it are not more than two.


Another point to note if you want an easy way out with your undergraduate project writing is make sure to choose topics based on what you are familiar and conversant with also worthy of note is to choose researchable and futuristic project topic. When you choose project topics that you are conversant with and most importantly have interest in, it will give you joy and also make your research work easy as you will not struggle through the whole research process.


Getting a project coach is another idea for an easy research work. No one knows it all. Even if you’ve made all the necessary enquiries about project writing, it is also an added advantage of you will get yourself a project coach who is experienced and knows the nitty gritty of project writing. What the coach will do is to help and assist you through the whole research work. He/she will put through and make sure you are on the right track.


Aside the physical materials you might need which depend on what you are researching on, you can also go online to search for materials on work and studies carried out by other researchers that will be of help to your research work. Also these materials you get online will help you in carrying out a literature mapping which will help you gain insight in your project topic.


An understanding of your research methodology is vital in the process of your reserve work. After choosing a project topic, the next thing you should have in mind is the methodology to apply which must concise with your project topic. The variables in your research topics are what determine the methodology to use in your research work. There is the primary and secondary data. If your research work requires primary data then you must understand the use of the primary data very well and apply it accordingly in your research work. If it’s the secondary data, then you must also understand it application in your research work. Whatever methodology you use, make sure you understand it very well and apply it accordingly.

However, your research methodology must be able to convince your readers how you propose to carry out the project work.


In conclusion, undergraduate students must understand that their choices as regards their project starting from the project topic has a great influence on whether the project writing will be an easy and interesting one or a difficult one. As an undergraduate students preparing for project writing, you must be intentional about very step you take towards your final year project writing. Be intentional about the project topic you choose, make necessary enquiries about the project topic you choose and be sure of all it requires form there you do a self examination to know if you are ready for all it takes before submitting the project topic to your supervisor for approval.

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