Umweni vs Ena Umweni B649/13 24/11/2020
Continuation of cross examination of Nosakhare Isekhure:

* Nosakhare Isekhure recognises that the claimant is a biological son of the testor
* Nosakhare Isekhure says he doesn't know how as chairman an invitation was sent to the claimant to the selected meeting of the ihogbe royal family.

* Nosakhare Isekhure tries to explain the process of disowning and disinheriting a child but fails in his process to explain properly.

* Nosakhare Isekhure acknowledges that an igiogbe is only inherited by a first son of a Benin man.

* Nosakhare Isekhure say there is no Benin. tradition that say the family can reshare the properties of a died Benin man.

* Nosakhare Isekhure acknowledges that the Chief Peter Ogbeide Umweni and his lineage are only related to the Ihogbe family through the Ihama family.

Next witness would be called on the 17/02/2021

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